Elida Zhulati

Pirpiri is a shop and a workplace of one of few makers of traditional costumes in the old bazaar. Elida Zhulati is the owner and the maker, a very talented woman and a master in hand made productions.




I can say that I am a maker which works with handmade productions mainly clothing and textiles and in particular I work directly in the production of the traditional costumes. Sometimes I work as well in restoring and repairing them.

Elida Zhulati

We think that craftsmanship has an impact on the city.

How you transform the city with your work?

Our work is a value as there are not anymore people who work on traditional costumes production and we must preserve this value this technique which is old but is a challenge. I bring with my work those lost traditionas and motives of the traditional costumes I offer to people what is traditional an experience.

What abandoned place could you convert in creative place?

In Gjirokastra there are a lot of abandoned houses and shops, not in use any more, in the Bazar Area.

What consequences has pandemia had on you?

Pandemic affected us a lot as we cannot interact with people, but again I have been working and I recive a lot of orders: there is demand for traditional costumes!


I use needle, different strings, different fabrics and on very few occasions the sewing machine.

Elida Zhulati
Elida Zhulati
Elida Zhulati

LET’s go!


“My work represents old motives and textiles. My work is related with costumes, so I say the best place to learn is the Ethnographic Museum”




a project by Giulia Cerrato – Invasioni Creative (Italy) and Edvin Lamce – Fondacioni Gjirokastra (Albania), selected from the call Hyper Global x Hyper Local ​program / exchange ​of ​MAX Project. With Andrea Ciommiento, Alvise Giacomazzi and Lubjana Ba.


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