Manjola Bici

EDUA is a social business, in the center of the characteristic bazaar, with traditional Albanian food products, from handicrafts, teas, medicinal plants from the rich mountains of the area to the natural products of our land.




I’m a food maker, I prepare here local dishes and i sell artisanal local products and make craft pagages like green using paper and so on.

Manjola Bici

We think that craftsmanship has an impact on the city.

How you transform the city with your work?

We are very important and significant because we are bringing autenthic recepies from locals to the visitors. We transform the city with our work, reproposing the tradidion of food making.

What abandoned place could you convert in creative place?

We want to convert or to revitalize and restore the old cellars as abandoned places of traditional houses of Gjirokastra like making revival that, with our products.

What consequences has pandemia had on you?

With consequences of pandemia, we have a reduces around 70% of our work and incomes.


We use grass paper, clasjuss, bandoned recepies as well we sell a lot. We bring productes from villages and mountains, and the art of medioeval bazar, in combination with cities tradition.

Manjola Bici
Manjola Bici
Manjola Bici

LET’s go!


“My work represents The gardens at the houses where locals plant vegetables, as well the area in the mountains. We recommend to visitors to set the woman in the bazar area which she can make ossa in her house, like a kind of local pasta.




a project by Giulia Cerrato – Invasioni Creative (Italy) and Edvin Lamce – Fondacioni Gjirokastra (Albania), selected from the call Hyper Global x Hyper Local ​program / exchange ​of ​MAX Project. With Andrea Ciommiento, Alvise Giacomazzi and Lubjana Ba.


is an exchange project for makers implemented by the European Creative Hubs Network, Fab Lab Barcelona, UPTEC and Makery.

MAKERSXCHANGE is a Pilot policy project co-funded by the European Union.

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