Viktor Nurce

Since 1990, Viktor started to learn and work as woodcarver for the artistic state enterprise of the communist times. Today he is located with his workshop in the heart of the old bazar and he works in the interiors or new houses and guest houses in decorating them using symbolism and motifs of the old houses.




I’m a wood carver, I started since 1990, I learned these skills in artistic enterprise of the comunist time wich was working a lot to preserve cultural heritage values.

 Viktor Nurce

We think that craftsmanship has an impact on the city.

How you transform the city with your work?

We transform the city and we have an impact on the city because we have the skills and crafts that are losing, so we want to bring back this skills to keep them: to maintain the skills

What abandoned place could you convert in creative place?

There are a lot of abandoned houses, places, which we think that the will be converted into creative places like Lolomani House or Lolomate House, because are a lot of loses of houses every year, they are in ruins.

What consequences has pandemia had on you?

I have been affected by the pandemia, but I did work a lot with business like work making interiors making new hotels and guest houses.


I use carving tools set, ray iles, knives, stitched raps.

Viktor Nurce
 Viktor Nurce
 Viktor Nurce

LET’s go!


I represent with my works old houses and their interiors, like the big old houses where I get a lot of inspiration from the symbolic of the interiors in wood.”

“I recommended the place of Skenduli House that is a very interesting house with great interiors inside, where you can see a lot of wood works and wood decorations.




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